Once Upon A Time, 

              there was a boy and a girl. The girl was a remarkable storyteller who traveled across the world to learn the stories of others. She captured these stories to open the hearts of others to help those in need. The boy was an amazing photographer who sought to save the beauty of the world in each picture he took. He saved each moment in time to share them for all to enjoy.

               One day, as chance would have it, the boy and girl would meet. On Halloween night, the boy set forth to capture the imaginative sights of a magical party with fire dancers and DJs on chariots. The girl danced through the crowd enjoying every moment as it came. In one instant, one moment of time would allow the chance that in thousands of people attending the party that this particular boy would cross the path of this particular girl. That single and nearly impossible moment, is where this company began. Of all the people and all the costumes in the world, the girl struck up a conversation with the boy with the camera. It was a pretty cool camera!

                Ever since that moment, these two have helped shape the stories and moments of companies and people all over. The story doesn't end there. They want you to be a part of their story! 


Join on this adventure of life and let's make something incredible!